Our trail mixes are a great tasting, healthy alternative 

 to raising for your school, club or organization! 

*SB-12 Compliant                                             

  Fund Raising FAQs 

Nuts 'N' Things®                                                                                 How much money can we make?

the Classic Trail mix:                                                                                   Your organization buys a case 

Dry Roasted Peanuts,                                                                                    of trail mix (36 pkgs) for $36 ($1 ea),

California Raisins,                                                                                           which is a special fundraising price.

Sunflower Seeds,                                                                                            Sell each package for $2, and

Cashews, Almonds &                                                                                     make a $36 on each case.

Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

   Do you deliver?

- OR -                                                                                                                Delivery is free for your 1st orders.

                                                                                                                           All future orders, 5 cases or

Nuts 'N' Fruit™                                                                                         greater, will also receive free

the Gourmet Trail mix:                                                                                  shipping.  Or, you can pick up any 

California Almonds,                                                                                          size order from our facility in

Raisins, Dates,                                                                                                 Culver City.

Sunflower Seeds,

Pepitas and                                                                                                      What about supplies?

Dried Organic Fuyu Persimmons                                                                   We supply order forms and

                        distribution bags at no extra cost.

                        We’ll even throw in some “I LOVE

                        A NUT” pencils -- perfect for

                        taking orders!

   Let us help you meet your goals!                                                                   

          Fundraising Department                                                                    Do these all natural trail mixes
            (800) 252-0228                                                                     
Trail Mix - Fundraising         REALLY taste good?

                                                                                                                            They sure do.  You will probably

                                                                                                                            want tasting samples, so give us a 

                                                                                                                            call and we'll get both trail mixes

                                                                                                                            out to you and your committee.

                                                                 The packages also have a goldThank You Sticker

                                                                 sticker stating, “Thank You for Your

                                                                 Support,” so everyone knows the

                                                                 money is going toward your fund

                                                                 raising efforts (see image on right).

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