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Flanigan Farms Organic Fuyu Persimmons are grown on our own CCOF certified organic farm in north San Diego County.

Every persimmon is handpicked and carefully polished. 

A select portion of the crop is reserved for our premium dried slices.

Dried Persimmon Slices 

The beautiful orange color and sweet flavor is retained naturally through our careful drying procedure.

Every one of our Persimmons is inspected, sliced and then dried slowly. 
Nothing is added; no sulfur or preservatives commonly found in dried fruit. They're naturally sweet.

Dried Organic Persimmon 1oz

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Fascinating Fuyu Facts   (pronounced foo yoo)

  1. A Fuyu resembles an orange tomato or maybe one of those little pumpkins,
    but it is a sweet, juicy fruit that is firm when ripe. It is crisp like an apple, sweet like a pear.


  1. The Fuyu Persimmon will not pucker up your mouth like the more familiar Hachiya persimmon.


  1. The season is short, just late October, November and sometimes December.


  1. A Fuyu will retain its pretty orange color for a year when stored properly.  It is only fair that a
    crop that is on the market for a short time can be preserved so easily.

  1. Do not refrigerate, unless you prefer a soft persimmon.  When stored below 55º F, the Fuyu
    will become so soft that you can hardly pick it up without it collapsing.


  1. When cooked, the pulp becomes thicker instead of thinner like most fruit, so you can make
    delicious sauces without the addition of a thickener.

     7.  The Fuyu is a major source of Vitamin A.  With 10200 International Units in a pound,
           it rivals that old standby, carrots.
     8.   Although there are now more than 80 commercial growers in Southern CA alone,
          most people have never heard of Fuyu Persimmons are unlike most!

Now that you have discovered the fabulous Fuyu...

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