Cashews Tray    Cashews                              
     A native of Brazil, the Cashew Nut is also grown
     commercially in India, Africa and other parts of the
     tropics. The fruit of the tree, called a "Cashew Apple"
     is delicious, but only a small percentage is shipped to
     market for local consumption. Each fruit has one nut on
     the lower end growing outside the fruit, somewhat like
     a handle. The nut is contained in a hard curved shell
     about 1/8" thick, which also contains a toxic resinous
     material. Therefore, all cashew nuts must be cracked
     and cleaned before coming into the United States.
                                                                                  Prices fluctuate widely according to demand.

Cashews (2.5oz)                                                                                                           Cashew Recipes
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Did you know...
- The cashew nut was once
  completely discarded by the
  people of the tropics.
- The United States is the leading
of cashews
World cashew crop yield
  and production fell dramatically
  in the 1999/2000 crop year
  causing a spike in prices.

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