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Winter 2011
2011 is upon's time to start fresh with simple fuel for your healthy body... read more

Summer 2009
How Much Do You Chew?
A 2009 study at the Department of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University
analyzed the number of times almonds were chewed in regard to how nuts can be... read more

Winter 2009
Making 2009 a Memorable Year  
Something like today, in the early 70's, there was a recession. People were
losing their jobs, the housing market was down, contractors were losing their shirts.
.. read more

Fall 2008
Where The Trail Leads     
When we first starting making trail mix, back in the early 70’s, to many people it was
an entirely new concept.  We often heard,
"What do you do with it?"...
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Fall / Winter 2007
Be Prepared Fair

The recent fires in our beautiful state have clearly shown how important it is to be ready

when an emergency strikes.  Normally, we don't like to even think about the possibility of

disaster striking home, as though preparing for a disaster would…
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Spring / Summer 2007
Have You Heard? Nuts are Healthy!
Health care is currently one of the most popular political footballs.  Unfortunately, in that

context, health care just means insurance.  When we look at healthcare more literally,
it really does not have to be…
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Winter 2006
Love Those Pecans
The National Pecan Shellers Association designated April as National Pecan Month. I have never really understood that, since we all know that Pecans (and walnuts) outsell all other nuts in... read more

Spring 2006
The Forest Calls

The trail is a well-worn dirt track. Uphill it leads past a meadow and on by the remains
of an old wooden house, now tipping severely.  No glass remains in the windows, and the
walls have long since shed any suggestion of…
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Winter 2005
The Bounty That Is Taken For Granted
Driving back from the farm after receiving a load of persimmons, I started to think of all the people that are involved in getting a food product from the farm to the market and ultimately to the…
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Spring 2005
Obesity, Who is to Blame?
Recently I was cleaning some papers from an earlier generation when I came cross the graduation picture of a Junior High School class of 1951...  read more

Winter 2004
Macadamia Nuts are well known as the most elegant of nuts.  Maybe it is because they are grown in Hawaii, or because they taste so good, or maybe it is because they are so expensive. Actually, macadamia nuts are native of… read more

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