All Flanigan Farms products
are carefully selected fromRack Collage Photo only
the most dependable suppliers.
They are visually inspected and
run through a "shaker" to ensure
high quality and to eliminate any
possible foreign matter.

Packaging is the finest of
laminates with a high vapor
and oxygen barrier to retain
freshness. While maintaining
overall format, each package
is individually designed in a
variety of colors to make the
display attractive and identify
each item.

Nutritional information is on all
packages as required by law.
We provide additional data,
including the breakdown of the
type of fat and additional
nutrients present as allowed by FDA.

All products are stamped with open coded "sell-by"dates to make sure customers only get fresh product.

All Flanigan Farms products are certified Kosher-Parve by the Kosher Overseers Associates of America, a division of the Orthodox Rabbinical Association, and bear the K seal of Kosher endorsement.

A leader in filling the demand for unsalted shelled nuts in conveniently-sized packages, Flanigan Farms' attention to quality and service is backed by years of dependability to both the grocery industry and the consumer.

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