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April 2009    Flanigan Farms Announces Lower Prices [pdf]
Culver City Observer
                        "Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality
                  natural foods to enhance the health of our customers"...
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March 2009 
Girls Bite Out
                   Hungry Girl

                         This is good, honest snack food right here. Nothing schmancy or
                   trendy -- just wholesome nuts, fruits, seeds, and snack mixes... read more

March 2009  Making a Case Point by Point [pdf]
                   Los Angeles Business Journal
Local business woman presents 11 suggestions for federal
                   lawmakers on how to solve the recession... read more
March 2009
  Natural Foods Company Lowers Prices on 22 Products [pdf]
                   Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
                         ...President Patsy Flangian stated that despite increasing costs,
                   the company "has carefully gone over their price list to identify
... read more

Feb. 2009    Blogger Review
                  Three Difference Directions
                  They offer a fund raising program that is perfect for...pretty much any
                  organization you can think of that needs some extra help... read more

Sept. 2008  Chamber Members to be Honored at Quarterly Luncheon [pdf]
                  Corona Business Monthly
                  The Award of Excellence for manufacturing is Flanigan Farms.
Patsy Flanigan's heartwarming story was featured in the 
                  2008 Women's
in Business more

Spring 2005  Small Business Corner [pdf]
                         Chamber Voice, page 10
                        Patsy Flanigan has been in the business of family
                   business for 39 years. Flanigan Farms started as... read more

Winter 2002  Flanigan Farms Natural Foods CEO Pledges $30,000 [pdf]
                    City News
                    Patsy Flanigan's pledges $30,000 to the City of Hope
                    cancer research... read more

Sept. 2001   Coping with Turmoil - Special Report  [pdf]
Los Angeles Business Journal
Flanigan figures a slowing economy might benefit her nut
                    distribution business in Culver City... read more

Sept. 2000   30 Years Gives Flanigan Farms a Reason to Jump for Joy [pdf]
                   The Star
                    Instead of the usual roast, as in peanuts that is, owners of Flanigan
                    Farms Natural Foods in Culver City gave a grand toast to their 30
                    years in operation... read more

March 1999  Flanigan Farms Adds to its Product Line [pdf]
Culver City Chronicle
                    Culver City's own natural foods company, Flanigan Farms
                    announces the new addition of three new products... read more

March 1999   Fruit and Nuts in L.A. [pdf]
                     Los Angeles Business Journal
                     If Patsy Flanigan ever writes a book about her company, she could
                     appropriately call it "The World According to Gorp" more

Feb. 1999     Trail mix leads health nuts on path
                   The Oregonian
                    The quest to promote just how flavorful nuts are is a big part of what

                    propelled Flangian from being a gorp-mixing Girl Scout leader to one
                    of the country's most respected nut packagers... read more

Jan. 1999     Shell-stocked woman truly are health nuts [pdf]
                    Valley News Dispatch

                    By introducing raw, unsalted nuts into the mainstream marketplace,
                    Flanigan made it possible nuts in recipes in ways that had never... read more

Oct. 1998      Gone Nuts  [pdf]
                     Daily Breeze
                     Culver City's Flanigan Farms family went nuts 28 years ago
                     and has been cracking the shell of great recipes ever since...
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Winter 1997  Sweet, Dried, and Natural [pdf]
                    Cal State Northridge Magazine
Each new product is a case of trial and error. A mixture with carob-coated
                    nuts "bombed," she acknowledges -- "but then we realized it wasn't
                    that healthy a product"... read more

Dec. 1996    The Naturals [pdf]
                   Small Business Opportunities
Patsy Flanigan's secret of business is networking. "It helps you
                   stay in touch and prevents the isolation that many business
                   owners experience" more

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