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Health Voyager
"Flanigan Farms is my go to source for nuts and seeds.
For recipes and even just for a snack, I love their variety
and quality of products.  That's why Flanigan Farms is
Healthy Voyager Approved!"

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton
Blogger, The Healthy Voyager
American Red Cross
"Flanigan Farms understands the important role that local
business plays in making our communities healthier paces
to live and raise families. Through their Community Spirit,
Involvement and especially their products the company
demonstrates their commitment to our residents daily."

John Pacheco
Executive Director
American Red Cross of Santa Monica
SuperKids Nutrition Inc
"Flanigan Farms spoke at the LAD's event on
Environmental Nutrition.  In addition to providing an
upbeat and informative presentation, it was evident
that Flanigan Farms is passionate about farming,
nutrition, family and the environment."

Melissa Halas-Liang, MA RD CDE
President, SuperKids Nutrition Inc.
Co-President, LA District of the CA Dietetic Assoc., 09-10
American Airlines Passenger 1
"I was on an Alaska flight from Washington DC to Seattle last
Sunday and during the flight they served a Nuts 'N' Fruit
trail mix.  It is terrific!  Not only really good, but something I
can consume easily without guilt."

J. Rigney
American Airlines Passenger
sent via e-mai
American Airlines Passenger 2
"I have bought many brands of trail mix over the years and
found many of them to be too sweet or too salty, with the
nuts usually of lesser quality.  Flanigan Farms is obviously
very selective when choosing the nuts and fruit that end up
in its trail mix, making this one of my extremely rare, actually
memorable experiences with food on a flight."

P. Szilassy
American Airlines Passenger
sent via e-mail
Vend Natural, Inc.
"At Vend Natural, Inc., we strive to be America’s Choice
for Healthy Vending.  Our mission is to Energize Your
Body naturally, with healthy, all-natural and organic snacks
and beverages. We appreciate Flanigan Farms joining our
efforts to achieve this."

Gil Sanchez
President and Founder
Vend Natural, Inc.
Culver City Chamber of Commerce
"Flanigan Farms exemplifies healthy business practices
while striving to build a healthy community."

Steven J. Rose
Culver City Chamber of Commerce
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